We will be glad to work with you and help prototype and manufacture your products. 


I. New Sports Electronic Products: Minimum order may apply.

LB-10                       SB-10

Check this product's safety report here.

  • Laser Baseballs (Models LB-10, 11, 12 & 13): This is a  Major or Little  League spec. baseball with hand-sensing technology. It automatically displays speed. Accurate from 20 up to 120 MPH. Have different versions for adults and kids. For retail and wholesales orders!
  • Laser Softballs (SB-10): This SB-10 model is a  yellow-colored softball with standard specs of size and weight. This softball automatically displays speed and is accurate from 20 up to 120 MPH. This model  features the hand-sensing technology and is pre-programmed with 40', 43' & 46' adjustable pitching distances.
  • Baseball Strike Zone: Use your bat to hit the handing baseball and the LCD will immediately show your bat speed! For importers only. 
  • Baseball Bat Speed Sensor: Swing your bat and find the bat speed. A great training tool for serious players to help improve the swings.. New ! OEM inquiry only!
  • Soccer KickOff Zone: Kick the soccer or football in front of this device and the LCD  will instantly show the speed of the ball! For importers only.  OEM/Importers only!
  • Jogging Speedo This training device displays and records your jogging speed, duration, distance, etc, and interfaces with a PC. For importers only. OEM/Importers only!

II. Science & Educational Kits:

Kids can have fun learning electronics with our kits!
Please check our items here for prices and order information!

  • ELECTRONIC EXPERIMENT KITS: 30 or 60 circuits with reusable coil-spring connections. Kids will have fun learning with these kits. Use these kits for college and vocational school training too! 
EE-1: 30-in-1 Electronic Kit EE-2: 60-in-1 Electronic Kit EE-6: 60-in-1 "Sensor" Kit
  • ELECTRONIC BLOCK KITS: These premium block kits contain 60 or 150 different circuits with manuals. They are reusable and connect like Legos!
SE-1: Motor Kit SE-2: Bell Kit
  • EK-series Edu-Science Kits: There are 60 different small science kits for schools, science camps, DIY projects, etc. Please click here to see the first 30 kits and here for the second 30 kits! 
SS1:Wind Speed Indicator Kit SS2:Chemical Car Kit SS3:Astronomical Observatory Kit
SS4: Cable Car Kit SS5: Two-Way Magnifier Kit SS10: Solar Energy Kit


III. Specialty & OEM Items:
(All items in this catalog have a minimum order limit, FOB Hong Kong.) (All items in this catalog have a minimum order limit, FOB Hong Kong.)

LB-10: LASER BALL: Pitch and catch this major-league baseball and it will tell you the exact speed of the ball in MPH.  New and improved version with changeable pitching distances is now available. Click here to purchase.
MD-68: Hand-Held Metal Detector : Sensitive and handy. Not only for kids.


IV. Voice IC Products & Educational Learning Aids:

V. Toy Walkie Talkies:

Half-duplex, full-duplex & FM-modulation versions.

Minimum order applies. Ship from Hong Kong








To Order or Inquire:

We welcome OEMs and ODMs! We will be glad to work with you and help prototype and manufacture your products. Please call PSI/TronLink (US) at 301-572-2168 or fax 301-847-0739 or e-mail us at sales@psism.com for more information.

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TO ORDER OR INQUIRE.  Please e-mail us at sales@psism.com or call (301) 572-2168 to order and/or inquire. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well as government and university POs.  COD payments and international orders are also accepted but may require additional fees.

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