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SanDisk Industrial IDE Flash Drive Specification



Below you will find the Part Number Decoder for your SanDisk product.



2.5" IDE FLASH DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS                         

Specification Industrial Grade
System Performance *Notes 1 & 2  
Start-up Time  
Sleep to Write 2.5 msec max.
Sleetp To Read (CMD to DRQ) 20 msec max.
Reset to Ready 50 msec typical
400 msec max.
Data Transfer Rate to/from host 16.0 MB/sec burst
Active to Sleep Delay Programmable
Power Requirements *Note 1
DC Input Voltage  
Commercial Temp. 3.3 V 10%, 5 V 10%
Extended Temp. 3.3 V 10%, 5 V 10%
Power Dissipation *Notes 3 & 4  
Sleep (up to 512MB) 300 A(3.3V) 500 A(5v)
Sleep (>512MB to <1.5GB) 600 A(3.3V) 800 A(5v)
Sleep (1.5GB and higher) 1 mA(3.3V) 1.2 mA (5V)
Read 50 mA(3.3V) 55 mA (5V)
Write 65 mA(3.3V) 70 mA (5V)
Specification Industrial Grade
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Commerical 10C to 70C
Operating Extended -40C to 85C
Non-Operating Commerical -25C to 85C
Non-Operating Extended -50C to 100C
Operating 8% to 95%, non-condensing
Non-Operating 8% to 95%, non-condensing
Acoustic Noise (at 1 meter) 0dB
Operating 15 G peak to peak max.
Non-Operating 15 G peak to peak max.
Operating 1,000 G max.
Non-Operating 1,000 G max.
(relative to sea level)
Operating/Non-Operating 80,000 feet max.
System Reliability and Maintenance
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) >3,000,000 hours
Preventive Maintenance None
Data Reliability <1 non-recoverable error in 1014 bits read
Endurance 2,000,000 cycles commercial
600,000 cycles extended
Specification Industrial Grade
Physical Specifications  
Length 100.2mm 0.51mm
Width 69.85mm 0.51mm
Thickness (Body) 9.6mm 0.5mm
(Removable Edge)
Weight 160 g. max
Ordering Information
Order Model # SD25B(I)-YY-201-80
Where X: I = Extended Temp.
Blank: Commerical Temp.
YY:  Mega Bytes
32 32.11 MB
64 64.2 MB
128 128.4 MB
256 256.9 MB
512 512.5 MB
1024 1024.9 MB
2048 2048.9 MB
4096 4097.8 MB

Note 1: All values quoted are typical at ambient temperature and nominal supply voltage unless otherwise stated.

Note 2: All performance timing assumes the controller is in the default (i.e., fastest) mode.

Note 3: Sleep mode currently is specified under the condition that all card inputs are static CMOS levels and in a "Not Busy" operating state.

Note 4: The currents specified show the bounds of programmability of the product.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

WARRANTY & SUPPORT                                         

  • Manufacturer Warranty 1 year

  • Tech Support from PSI and the manufacturer



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