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The Third-Generation Radarballs with Hand-Sensing Circuitry and Bluetooth Wireless Display Technology!


From the maker and designer of the original Radar Baseballs!

Bluetooth Radarbaseball with Speed and Battery Level Displays on hTC Android Phone.

        Tron Link was the original designer and manufacturer of the Radar Balls in 1988. Since some company recently used our expired patent technology and took our product name, we've come up with a new designs, the second-generation Laser Ball (Radar Baseball II) and now the much improved  third-generation BT-Radarball.  Our balls are  accurate, sturdy and packed with desirable features.

        This is a  regulation-size and weight. baseball with the amazing hand-sensing technology* for pitching practice. The ball can sense if it is being in your hand so you can hold & grasp the ball naturally before pitching. Once you pitch the ball it will notice immediately and when it is caught, the speed of the ball is displayed instantly on the smart phone.

        So far  we have finished the Android APP for the ball and are planning to also add the Apple iOS APP. This APP allows athletes to use Bluetooth-enabled devices to wirelessly (up to 35 feet) set up the ball, display the pitch speeds, edit the speed history & progress, etc.

        This ball is now ready for importers. Minimum order is 3000 balls per shipment  

        This BT-Radarball  features:

  • Press the "Start" button for 5 seconds to power on the ball,
  • Press and release the "Start" button again to activate the ball to the "standby" mode ready for pitching.
  • Adjust pitching distance on the smart phone.
  • Countdown immediately starts when the ball leaves your hand and speed is displayed on smart phone instantly upon impact.
  • Readings are accurate from 20 to 120 MPH. 
  • Automatic power shut-off after 2 minutes inactivity. Battery can be recharged via the USB connector.
  • This is a standard (size and weight) Major League spec. baseball!  
  • Balls are standard with PVC ball skin. Cowhide and split-leather ball skins are optional.
  • Instruction booklet is included.
  • With ingenuous PATENTED hand-sensing technology. (Patent# : TW-158 068 & CN-ZL 9920 1505:7) *

Warning:  Do not hit with a bat or pitch against a hard wall. If the ball gets wet, let it dry thoroughly before re-use! Soaking in water will damage the circuitry inside and/or shorten the battery life.

* We aggressively protect our technology and go after patent breakers!



TO ORDER OR INQUIRE.   This ball is ready for importers. Minimum order is 3000 balls per shipment  Please send e-mail inquiries to sales@psism.com or call (301) 572-2168. 

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